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Untold Narratives CIC is a development programme for writers who are marginalised in society by community or conflict.

Every writer’s situation is different, which means their needs are too. For many creative writers the future is uncertain and frightening. For some – their gender, their voice, their talent – is under threat. Whatever you give, it will help to give someone the hope and strength to keep writing and stay connected to others.

I wish for this support to Afghan writers to continue. The situation for Afghan female writers is uncertain, but Untold gives me the inspiration to keep writing and connects me to the rest of the world.”

- Rana Zurmaty, Writer from Write Afghanistan

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Untold allows me to experience being a true writer. In the worst days of my country's history, it gave me hope and the spirit to write. No matter where I reach in my writing career, I will be thankful for Untold.”

- Zainab Akhlaqi, Writer from Write Afghanistan

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Untold is a Community Interest Company (company number 12654173). Prospero World (UK registered charity number 1163952) receives charitable donations in support of our work through its fiscal sponsorship programme, and receives tax efficient donations from UK donors on our behalf.