New writing from Paranda

Read articles and short stories written by Afghan women writers from the Paranda Network.

'The day the Taliban banned women like me from working' | Psyche Magazine

In December 2023, Psyche Magazine featured a piece by Afghan writer Nargis and developed through the Paranda Network. Translated from Pashto by Negeen Kargar.

'Continuing Watching' | Brick: A Literary Journal

The Winter 2023 edition of Brick literary journal featured a short story by Fatema K and translated from the Dari by Zubair Popalzai.

‘Kabul’s Haikus’ | The Markaz Review

In December 2023, The Markaz Review featured a new short story by Paranda Network writer Maryam Mahjoba about a teacher Japan who travels to Afghanistan to work at a girls’ school.

Movable Type | 1455’s e-magazine

In November 2023, 1455’s e-magazine Movable Type featured an ‘Untold spotlight’, publishing four stories by Afghan women writers from the Paranda Network in their storytelling issue.

'The Hotel' | PEN Transmissions

In September 2023, PEN Transmissions published a personal essay by Zainab Akhlaqi, a writer and contributor to My Pen Is the Wing of a Bird: New Fiction by Afghan Women, on leaving Afghanistan. Translated by Zubair Popalzai.

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