Promoting writing in translation from Assamese in Assam

This project is a collaboration between Untold in the UK and BEE Books in Kolkata, to promote Indian literature in translation. The project focuses on Assam, with unpublished Assamese writers in translation. 

The translation ecosystem in India suffers from a lack of training opportunities. At the same time, aspiring fiction writers are often marginalised due to circumstance, language, and lack of opportunities to develop their work. This project carves out a space for consistent, quality translations emerging from Assam to generate new fiction for international audiences.

One output from Write Assamese is A Fistful of Moonlight, an anthology of contemporary short stories translated in English. It is now available in India, and will be available in the UK in November 2023. A Fistful of Moonlight will also be published in Assamese soon.

Working with women creative writers in Afghanistan

For our project Write Afghanistan, our team of international editors and translators work with local women writers to develop their creative writing, connect them to one another, share their stories with readers in their own languages, and reach new global audiences in translation.

We believe a region’s upheaval cannot be understood without local, and particularly women’s, perspectives.

One output from Write Afghanistan is My Pen Is the Wing of a Bird: New Fiction by Afghan Women, the first collection of its kind, published by MacLehose Press in February 2022.

The Paranda Network

The Paranda Network is a global digital creative network for Afghan writers

The Paranda Network develops and promotes the creative writing of local Afghan writers and those in the diaspora, offering them a way to connect to each other, benefit from mutual support, access services, and be introduced to those in the creative industries around the world.

It’s a virtual space where these writers can share their skills, knowledge, and life experiences with their peers in the network. It consolidates Untold’s active – but so far informal – online network of women writers, established through its Write Afghanistan project. The political upheaval of 2021 has meant many have now resettled in other parts of the world, yet are able to remain united as a group. 

The Paranda Network is supported by KfW Stiftung.

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